Each year Community Impact acknowledges the people who have made significant contributions to the organization. We honor one of our supporters at every CI Gala and  also acknowledge the contribution of coordinators, volunteers and campus members at our annual Volunteers Appreciation Dinner in the Spring. In addition, CI acknowledges the progress and impact of outstanding groups with four CI group awards.


Exceptional Volunteer Award

Recognizes an extraordinary commitment to volunteering.  These volunteers have gone above and beyond the normal and have proven to be invaluable to their group.


  1. Shaine Leibowitz-Columbia Youth Adventures
  2. Nadine Talaat-Habitat for Humanity
  3. David Alexander-Community Lunch
  4. Rebekkah Packer-Peace by PEACE
  5. Ronny Del Pozo-TASC
  6. Connie Bolden-J.E.E.P.


Outstanding Student Support Staff Award

Recognizes a unique commitment to CI from our student workers.

  1. Amber Scharnow-Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director
  2. Ricardo Bustamante-ESOL
  3. Dalitso Nkhoma-TASC
  4. Abram Smith-College Road
  5. Emily Dannenberg-College Road
  6. Caroline Yang-ESOL


Exceptional Leadership in Service Award

Recognizes an extraordinary commitment by coordinators in the form of continually bettering their programs, networking with other groups, and generally working to improve the quality of services performed at CI.

  1. Eitan Neugut-Peace by PEACE
  2. Sam Clegg-TASC
  3. Kirby Eckles-Community Lunch
  4. Katrina Martell-Big SIBS
  5. Emma Arett-LGR
  6. Molly Schneider-Peace by PEACE
  7. Annie Forman-ESOL


Innovation Award

Given to the group who consistently expands and enhances their current programming.  This might mean that they are constantly partaking in new activities, coming up with creative solutions to problems, working on new initiatives, or expanding the program’s reach.

               Awarded to College Road


Impact Award

Given to the group who in the past year has shown great impact on the community.  This impact should be portrayed through formal outcomes, either qualitative or quantitative. This group shows a commitment to working with CI’s evaluations officer and staff to develop sound measurements.

Awarded to ESOL


Collaboration Award

Given to the group who has successfully used CI’s network to better their own programming.  This might be in the form of joint trainings, client sharing, database collection, or event planning.

Awarded to Health Leads


Enrichment Award

Given to the group who in the past year has made significant structural changes to their program in search of more successful programming.

Awarded to Toddler Learning Center


David Joyce Award

Recognizes an administrator, faculty member, or group at Columbia University that has demonstrated excellence in their effort to raise the general well-being of the communities outside of Columbia’s gates.

Awarded to Raising Educational Achievement Coalition of Harlem (REACH) at Teacher’s College


Dr. Maurice Russell Award

Given annually to a community member who has shown commitment and dedication to the service work of Community Impact.

            Awarded to Reginald Higgins, Principal, P.S. 125