Sonia Reese, Executive Director

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In her role as Executive Director, Sonia Reese has had oversight for the management of 27 community service programs at Community Impact since 1991. She steers the organization's growth, ensuring that CI achieves successful outcomes for community members and creates meaningful leadership opportunities for Columbia University and Barnard College volunteers. Sonia has secured CI's financial stability, and most recently she has helped to inaugurate an endowment campaign with the leadership of CU trustees to ensure the longevity of CI and its service programs. Sonia’s key areas of focus are program development, community and University outreach, evaluation, fundraising, and special events. Prior to coming to Community Impact, Sonia served as an Associate for Overseas Leadership Training at The Episcopal Church Center, a Special Assistant to the Executive Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Department of Social Services, and as Director of Operation Crossroads Africa, Inc.’s Africa Program. Sonia was a 1985-86 National Urban Fellow, and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Sarah Lawrence College, a Master of Public Administration from Baruch City College, and a Master of Arts in Education and Public Administration from Teachers College, Columbia University.


Sandy Helling, Associate Director 

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Sandy Helling has key responsibilites in the over-all operation of Community Impact in the areas of fundraising, program development and management, special events, and community partners. She has directed emergency service and adult education programs at Community Impact since 1989.  She developed Community Impact’s Jobs and Education Empowerment Project (J.E.E.P.), a network of adult education and workforce development programs. Prior to joining Community Impact, Sandy was the Director of the Welfare Grant Increase Coalition, and a Client Apprentice Coordinator for the Community Council of Greater New York.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts from New College, a Masters of Education and a Masters of Arts in Philosophy and Social Sciences from Teachers College, Columbia University.


Vacant, Youth Programs Manager



Ricardo BustamanteSenior Program Coordinator

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Janet Diminich, Assistant Director of Development

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Vacant, Development Officer



Nora Phelan, Evaluations Officer

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Sharon McCann-Doyle, Evaluations Officer

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Margaret Goslin, Departmental Administrator

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Vacant, Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director



Clayuri Parrilla, Outcome Coordinator

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Jeffrey Zeiler, Education for Success Program Coordinator

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Vacant, Administrative Assistant



Vacant, TASC Program Manager  



Kent Katner, ESOL Program Manager

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